How to Clean a Silk Scarf Shawl? Silk Scarf Cleaning Tips

How to Clean a Silk Scarf Shawl? Silk Scarf Cleaning Tips

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How to Clean a Silk Scarf Shawl? Silk Scarf Cleaning Tips

Silk scarf cleaning is an operation that requires a lot of attention and care. These scarves, which are especially valuable and very sensitive to wear, definitely require care. Dry cleaning is the healthiest way to clean silk scarves, which are quite prone to wear thanks to their soft texture.

How to Clean Silk Scarf at Home?

Cleaning the silk scarf at home itself There are certain situations that people who want to pay attention to. Taking these important issues into consideration, the silk scarf cleaning can prevent any damage to the scarves. However, what should be known is that the most reliable method of cleaning especially for silk fabrics is dry cleaning. When washing silk scarves, the first thing to pay attention to is the shampoo to be used. silk scarf shampoo is that it should be. Using the detergents you use while washing your other clothes will seriously damage the structure of silk scarves.

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How Should the Properties of Water Be When Washing Silk Scarf?

Another important issue to be considered when washing silk scarves is the properties of the water in which the scarves are washed. Especially the lime and chlorine in the water are very damaging to silk type fabrics. People who want to remove the lime and chlorine of the water can get rid of lime and chlorine by boiling the water first. Another thing to be considered about the water to be used during washing is the temperature of the water. The temperature of the water to be used should be warm enough not to burn your hand. In this way, you can clean your silk scarves without any damage.