How To Do Belly And Hip Melting With Vicks?

How To Do Belly And Hip Melting With Vicks?

How to Melt A Sagging Belly After Birth?
How to Melt A Sagging Belly After Birth?
Belly Fat Slimming Cures

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Melting belly with Vicks

For , fat burning creams that can be easily applied at home can be used. Vicks, which has been in use for 100 years, has been used for fat burning since the 1980s and helps regional slimming people. Proven belly melting

Among the methods, the use of vicks has an important place.

Benefits of Vicks Creams in Regional Slimming

Using Vicks will help with regional slimming and provide you with the forms you want. Leg, basen and the benefits of vicks that both burn fat and trigger fat burning in areas such as the belly;

  • To prevent fat accumulation,
  • To remove cellulite,
  • It also has features to tighten skin tissues.

In order to benefit from all these benefits, the only application that needs to be done is to wrap the vicks cream to be applied to the belly or hip area with the help of a stretch film.

Slimming Methods with Vicks Cream

Can be implemented with Vicks core melting cure with stretch film

The methods are as follows;

  • The simplest method in practice is the application for fat burning with vicks and stretch film. To melt the belly, it will be sufficient to wrap the vicksi you will apply to the belly area with cling film and wait 1-2 hours. By keeping it longer, it is possible to sweat more and lose weight faster.
  • With Vicks, stretch film and carbonate fat burning method

    Materials required for the construction of :

    • 8 tablespoons of vicks cream
    • 3 tablespoons of baking soda
    • 3 tablespoons of alcohol
    • One tablet of camphor
    • All ingredients are mixed and brought to a paste consistency.
    • Before going to bed at night, circular massage is applied to the area and wrapped with stretch film.
    • Lying in this way until the morning is provided to sweat a lot during the night.
  • Vicks and melting belly with vaseline is among the effective fat burning methods. For fat burning method with Vicks, cling film and vaseline, equal amounts of vicks and petroleum jelly are applied to the area and wrapped with cling film. The cream, which is kept for an hour, is then cleaned from the skin.