How to Make a Banana Peel Mask for Acne?

How to Make a Banana Peel Mask for Acne?

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Getting rid of acne with a banana peel mask

For , the white part under the banana peel is used. Adding this part to the mask to be prepared by peeling off with the help of a spoon reduces acne formation by giving the skin shine. Banana mask helps to maintain the oil balance of the skin with its antioxidant, anti fungal and enzymatic substances.

Banana Mask Recipe

Benefits of banana peel skin comes from being a natural antioxidant that will remove toxins from its surface. For this, before using the banana peel mask, the skin should be washed with cold water and dried. Acne and pimples are massaged for 5 minutes so that the white area inside the banana touches the surface. The skin is then left to rest for 20 minutes and rinsed with cold water.

As an alternative to this mask that can be repeated 2-3 times a day, the same process can be repeated by applying turmeric to the white area inside the banana. In this way, the peeling effect has also occurred and the dead skin is purified. With the help of vitamin C in the banana peel, the pores opened during peeling are tightened.

Benefits of Banana Mask

The biggest effect of the banana mask seen on acne and warts, it is also effective on skin blemishes. Applying the same mask to the stained part helps to eliminate the rough appearance after acne. The banana mask applied to the pits caused by the squeezing of acne tightens the pores and helps to achieve a smooth appearance. Banana peel detained is known to remove bruises and moles when applied.