How to Make a Coronavirus Mask at Home from a T-shirt or Fabric?

How to Make a Coronavirus Mask at Home from a T-shirt or Fabric?

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To protect against Corona virus or epidemic infectious diseases, we need gloves and masks. Coronavirus mask how to do? Do protective face masks protect against the virus? Mask types are with you in our article …

It has become mandatory to wear a mask due to the covid-19 virus for the last 1 week. If you are going to buy a mask, make sure that it is approved by the Ministry of Health. To protect against the corona virus, only a coronavirus mask is not enough, we must take precautions. If you wish, you can check our article on measures to protect against corona virus.

When wearing protective masks and gloves cross-transmission in coronavirus

We must be aware when there is a risk of danger. It is as important to use the glove and the mask correctly. There is no point in wearing gloves if you will not wash your hands after every touch. Using items you use with gloves without gloves spreads the virus. Using items you use with gloves without gloves increases the risk of cross contamination. You should pay attention. It makes sense to use gloves when there is no hand sanitizer, but be careful.

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  • What Are The Types Of Masks That Protect From Virus?
  • How to Make a Coronavirus Mask?
    • T-shirt Face Mask Recipe
    • Bandana Face Mask Making

What Are The Types Of Masks That Protect From Virus?

Using a mask to protect from Corona virus is a precaution. Most experts say that surgical masks do not protect against viruses. The best protective mask is the N95 mask. None of them provide 100% protection.

You should choose respiratory protective masks, these are N and FPP masks. You must wash your hands before putting on the mask. If you cannot supply these masks, you can make your own mask at home for prevention.

Virus Protection Mask
  • N95 mask
  • FFP1 mask
  • Surgical mask
  • Carbon mask
  • Cloth mask
  • Sponge mask

Health professionals have stated that diapers, cloths, bandanas and similar face masks are not a substitute for other preventive measures. Everyone should wash their hands frequently and comply with social distance, as well as wear protective face masks in public places.

How to Make a Coronavirus Mask?

Here we will show you step by step to make your own coronavirus face masks.

T-shirt Face Mask Recipe

Easy and practical step-by-step t-shirt mask making recipe


  • A T-shirt (preferably cotton)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


1. Step: Cut the bottom of the shirt 17 cm high.

Coronavirus Mask

2. Step: The t-shirt base you cut will be a 2-fold rectangle. Cut a rectangle 15cm – 17cm smaller than the stitched side of the fabric. The remaining fabric will be the body of your mask and the threads going to the mask.

how to make a mask from a t-shirt

3. Step: To attach the mask, cut the middle of the fabric strips. Here your mask is ready! Tie the top straps around the back of your head and the bottom straps around your neck and make sure your mask fits.
(Note: You can cut the size of your mask more or less according to yourself enough to cover your mouth and nose.)

coronavirus mask made from tisort

Bandana Face Mask Making


  • A bandana or a square cotton cloth
  • Two rubber buckles


Step 1: Lay the bandana straight.

Fabric Coronavirus Mask

Step 2: Hold the right and left edges of the bandana and fold it up to the middle of the fabric.

Step 3: Turn the folded fabric over so that the folds are down.

Step 4: Fold the left and right folded edges to the middle of the fabric again. Fold it in the middle again.

Step 5: Turn the bandana over again and divide it into three sections by tying the elastic buckles at both ends.

Step 6: Fold the edges of the bandana up to the elastic clasp. Thus, the elastic buckles become the rings you will put on your ears.

how to make a corona virus mask

Note: The protection of homemade masks is not high, increase your precautions by keeping the distance between you and people.

Making masks from fabric at home

Here your mask is ready.

coronavirus mask making at home