How to Make a Fast Slimming Melon Diet? Diet list

How to Make a Fast Slimming Melon Diet? Diet list

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Melon diet is a diet that weakens fast and at the same time keeps the person full during this period. Because it is a juicy fruit with little calories diets is a very suitable fruit. Although it is recommended to be consumed with meals, 150 grams is the ideal consumption amount.

how to make melon diet list

How Long Can The Melon Diet Be Done?

The appropriate period for melon diet is 5 days. Melon diet can be extended up to 7 days. However, it is not recommended to follow a melon diet for a longer period of time. Because various health problems can occur. Also someone melon diet

Before doing , doctor’s approval is required.

melon diet list

Melon Diet List

Example of

The sample list that can be applied for the melon diet is as follows:

  • One can eat melon for breakfast until they feel full. You can also drink soft drinks with it, but this soft drink must be sugar-free.
  • As a snack between breakfast and lunch; a small amount of melon can be consumed.
  • As lunch; After consuming lean foods such as chicken and fish, melon should be eaten with them. However, the amount of melon to be eaten should not be exaggerated. You can also drink tea without sugar at this meal.
  • As a snack between lunch and dinner; 1 bowl of yogurt or a small amount of melon without exaggeration can be eaten.
  • At dinner; meat or fish can be eaten. However, it should be paid attention that they are lean. A certain amount of melon should be consumed with the meal.