How to Make an Effective and Fast Tanning Spray at Home

How to Make an Effective and Fast Tanning Spray at Home

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Homemade natural tanning spray. Although the first thing that comes to mind for tanning is sunbathing, it is extremely difficult to protect from harmful rays from the sun. In fact, most of the time, when tanning is desired with sunbathing, skin spots, premature aging, drying and even burns occur on the skin.

Sunless tanning at home

There are two different methods for . The first is to use commercially available sunless tanning creams, the second is to tan naturally without sun. Considering that the first contains chemicals, it is easy to understand why many people are looking for homemade mixes with natural ingredients. Here are all natural recipes you can make at home;

Effective and Fast Tanning Spray

Efficient and fast tanning

for home tanning spray with cocoa butter. Ingredients for the mixture;

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Carrot oil
  • Cinnamon oil

Take the above materials into 1 glass spray bottle and mix. We add 4-5 drops of cinnamon oil to the bronzer that you prepared by mixing cocoa and carrot oil in the same proportion. In addition to the tanning effect of cocoa and carrot oil, you can have a smooth tan thanks to the stain removal effect of cinnamon oil.

Apply the mixture you have prepared by massaging your skin half an hour before applying your sunscreen. You can increase the permanence of the tan by using the mixture continuously. There is no harm in using it several times a day.

Carrot Tanning Spray

Sunless skin tanning

One of the simplest recipes for that you can easily prepare at home is carrot bronzer spray. First, grate 3-4 carrots and put them in a glass jar. Add olive oil until the remaining part of the jar is full. It is ideal to use a half liter jar. Take the jar out of the refrigerator for 5 days and leave it outside for 1 day. You can start using the mixture you have obtained by straining it into another container.

If you wish, you can add completely natural yams such as grape seed, walnut oil, cocoa butter to your mixture to increase effectiveness.

Finally, let’s also point out that home tanner The recipes we give for you are effective to give you a more beautiful, smooth bronze appearance. Since these mixtures do not have a sun protection feature, you should use sunscreen when going out.