How to Make Arabaşı Dough?

How to Make Arabaşı Dough?

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Making cart dough, according to some rumors, maintains a soup tradition peculiar to Turkmen today. What is a cart

The answer to the question will be a dough prepared in the consistency of pudding. This dough and soup, known as ara vaccine, changed over time and took the name arabaşı and is consumed with the soup of the same name.

How to Make Arabaşı Dough?

Since it was eaten between meals, it was named as intermediate vaccine and over time arabaşı. There are events organized every year for Arabaşı dough and soup, which is one of the special tastes of Yozgat. The Arabaşı tradition is widespread in the Central Anatolia Region and continues to be kept alive in the provinces of Kayseri, Konya, Mersin and Niğde, especially Yozgat.

What is Arabaşı Dough Recipe, What Are the Materials Required?

Materials required for carriage dough;

  • 10 cups of water
  • 2 dessert spoons of salt
  • It can be lined up as 2 dessert spoons of flour.

Buggy dough recipe is as follows;

  • A suitable tray should be left to heat with the help of an oven.
  • In a suitable saucepan, add 6 water glasses of water and 2 dessert spoons of salt and let it boil.
  • It is necessary to mix 4 glasses of water and flour in a separate bowl. It will be useful to do the mixing job well.
  • The obtained flour and water mixture should be poured slowly in the boiling water in the pot. The mixing process should continue while pouring.
  • This mixture should be cooked for 15 to 20 minutes after boiling, stirring continuously.
  • It should be poured into preheated tray and put in refrigerator to cool. After cooling, it will be ready for service.
  • The dough can be cut into desired shapes for serving.

Things to Consider While Preparing Carriage Dough

When preparing Arabaşı dough, it is very important to obtain a smooth consistency. The dough should usually be allowed to cool before the soup is made. It is very important to heat the tray before pouring in order to serve it much more conveniently after the dough is ready.