How to Make Mosquito Repellent?

How to Make Mosquito Repellent?

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Making mosquito repellent

For , there are natural methods to be applied at home. It is very easy to get rid of mosquitoes by applying these methods. Particular attention should be paid to puddles against mosquitoes, which are effective in summer.

It is necessary to clean the water accumulated in the garden and under the pots. Regular cleaning of rain channels on the roofs will also allow you to prevent mosquitoes in their habitats.

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  • Natural Mosquito Repelling Methods
  • You Can Repel Mosquitoes With Plants Grown In The Garden
  • What should be done to prevent flies from coming home?

Natural Mosquito Repelling Methods

Mosquito repellent herbal

It is possible to get rid of the chemical substances in the ready-made repellents by using methods. With mosquito repellents made at home using natural materials, it is very easy to get rid of flies that bother you, especially in summer. Plants used as mosquito repellents can be listed as follows;

  • Eucalyptus leaves are boiled and rubbed on the edges of doors and windows and moist places when the water is hot.
  • Garlic is a highly effective fly repellent. 25 cloves of garlic are boiled in 1 liter of water. It is applied to the body by adding baby shampoo.
  • Almond oil, basil oil and geranium oil are mixed and applied to the body. It is a mild method especially for babies.
  • The smell of vinegar has a very effective natural mosquito repellent effect. To avoid mosquitoes

    A glass of vinegar should be applied to the glass edges in the rooms.

Mosquito Repellent

You Can Repel Mosquitoes With Plants Grown In The Garden

People who plant Citronella, false balm, catnip and rosemary in their gardens are able to repel mosquitoes.

  • Strong odor in citron has a mosquito repellent effect.
  • The citrus scent emitted by fake angelica has a mosquito repellent effect.
  • Catnip is a more effective fly repellent than many insecticides and can be grown fairly easily.
  • Rosemary scent has mosquito repellent effect.

What To Do To Prevent Flies From Home?

It is desired that flies are always away from home. Flies are annoying pests for homes and businesses. Flies pose a health risk in the home or workplace. Flies carry germs such as Typhoid, E. coli and Salmonella, allowing the disease to spread.

What To Do To Prevent Flies From Home?

Practical Suggestions for Preventing Flies from Coming to Your Home

Here are some things you can do to keep flies away from your home:

  • Prevent flies from accessing the house. Keep windows and doors closed, especially after dark. Prevent light from coming in with curtains.
  • Use fly screen wires. Use fly screens on windows and balcony doors of your home. Pay more attention to this, especially in areas with kitchens and garbage areas.
  • Keep the food lid closed. Immediately clean any food drops that may be in the kitchen or eating environment without waiting.
  • Make sure that the lids of all garbage cans are tightly closed.
  • Immediately clean your pet’s feces without leaving them in the middle. Don’t just think of feces as a breeding ground for flies. Also, calculate that your food can be put on top of it after it is put in the stool.
  • Immediately remove any dead fly or insect from the environment. When these types of dead insects are left unseen on carpets, they can become an attractive food for other insects.
  • Make sure that there is no puddle in the environment. Having a pond in your garden will be an attractive factor for mosquitoes.
  • Sitting on the balcony, terrace or garden, especially in summer nights mosquito repellent

    Using is also an effective solution. Some of these mosquito repellent sound they keep the flies away by leaving.

If flies still come in despite all this, then use a black fly killer.

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