How to Make Painless Wax at Home? 8 Tips

How to Make Painless Wax at Home? 8 Tips

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Sir wax is uncomfortable for women, whether you want Brazilian wax or classic wax. How to do painless waxing at home? Painless and painless waxing

There are several methods for . Our painless waxing methods are with you. . If you have any methods you know, you can share them with us as a comment.

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  • How to do painless waxing at home?
    • Peel Your Skin
    • Use Cream
    • Pain Reducing Creams
    • Slow Down Blood Flow
    • Use Small Tapes
    • Tighten Your Skin
    • Do Not Delay Waxing Time
    • Waxing and Pulling Direction
  • How Does Redness Pass After Wax?
    • How Is Redness On The Face After Waxing?

How to do painless waxing at home?

Waxing is the most common method applied since ancient times to get rid of unwanted hair. Since hair is affected by the nerves, it can turn into an ordeal, especially in women with a low pain threshold. However, there are some tricks on this subject, we can list these points as follows.

Peel Your Skin

Apply peelin to your skin a few days before waxing to easily pull hair follicles from your skin. You can apply Turkish coffee and powdered sugar as skin peeling. Then make a good scrub.

Use Cream

It is already a recommended practice to use moisturizing cream every day for dry skin. It is important that your skin is moist before waxing. Thus, it is not irritated and makes you feel much less pain.

Pain Reducing Creams

These creams, which you can find in pharmacies or herbalists, are affordable. You can reduce the pain during waxing with these creams that numb the skin surface.

Slow Down Blood Flow

Since the nerves are more sensitive in areas with high blood flow, keep the area to be waxed cold. The ice pack complex is ideal for this job.

Use Small Tapes

During waxing, you may want to finish your job as soon as possible. However, choose smaller bands instead of large bands for wax applications. Tell them if you are waxing at hair salons.

Tighten Your Skin

Make sure to stretch your skin while waxing. Thus, both hairs come out without breaking. You will also feel much less pain.

Do Not Delay Waxing Time

Longer hairs will also have deep roots. Therefore, make sure that there is no long time between two waxes. Women who wax do not feel as much pain as before, as the pain threshold becomes stronger after a long time.

Waxing Direction

Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. Thus, you do not damage the hair follicles, ie your skin, and the pain you feel will be reduced by half. Do not forget to pull the wax in the direction of the hair roots.

After your mouth is finished, apply baby oil or skin care oil to the sensitive skin to avoid pain and pain on your skin.

How Does Redness Pass After Wax?

Redness after waxing

You can use pre-waxing powder to remove . Thanks to the powder, you prevent burning and irritation. Since you apply powder to the area you will wax, only unwanted hair will disappear and your skin will not be damaged.

Then moisten the section made in the wax using an aloe vera cream. Let’s give you a recipe to soothe skin redness in the waxed area.


  • Milk
  • Cold water
  • Ice
  • Cloth


Mix the above ingredients. Banish the mixture with a cloth and keep it spaced where there is redness. This method will be good.

How Does Redness On The Face After Wax Go?

how to pass the rash on the face

You can get rid of this rash with 1 cucumber. It is an easy and practical method. Pull the cucumber in the blander. Then apply it on your face like a mask and wait 10 minutes. You can also apply these methods after epilation. If you wish, our previous article How to Prepare and Use Pine Gum Wax?