How to Make Powder Food Coloring? Harmless Natural Food Colors

How to Make Powder Food Coloring? Harmless Natural Food Colors

How Are Natural Food Dyes Made? Colors and Recipes
How Are Natural Food Dyes Made? Colors and Recipes
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Making powder food coloring is a subject of curiosity especially for people who want to try different flavors and make different applications while making desserts and cakes. Vegetables and fruits in homes are used to obtain food coloring in different colors using simple techniques.

By getting rid of harmful chemicals with food dyes to be made at home harmless food coloring is pretty easy to do. Colorful food dyes that can be made at home will color the foods free of chemicals.

How to Use Food Coloring?

When powdered food dyes are desired to be used, the dyes in preferred colors should be put in a small bottle up to halfway. Powder that is thoroughly shaken by adding hot water to fill the bottle food coloring is completed by being ready to use. Depending on the desire, it can be colored by adding a few drops to any kind of cake, ice cream, cream and syrup.

How to Make Red Food Coloring?

Organic food coloring

Red color food coloring, which is one of the most preferred colors among colors, is very easy to make. Required materials for this;

  • 1 red beet
  • 1 glass of water

The beet, which is peeled off and divided into four, is boiled with water until it becomes soft and is passed through a blender. With the help of a wire strainer, the juice and pulp of beet are separated and put into ice molds and frozen in the freezer.

While beet is the best option to get organic pink and red colors, raspberry or pomegranate can be used as an alternative.

Vegetables and Fruits Used in Making Food Coloring According to Colors

Vegetables and fruits used according to colors in food coloring;

  • Carrots and peaches are used to get the orange color.
  • Saffron flower and turmeric powder spices are used to get the yellow color.
  • Spinach is used to get the green color.
  • Blueberry and blackberry are used to obtain blue and purple color. Cabbage is the ideal vegetable for the purple color.