How To Prevent Bad Breath During Ramadan

How To Prevent Bad Breath During Ramadan

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How to prevent bad breath during Ramadan, which occurs with the effect of hunger for long hours while fasting? What should be done to eliminate bad breath?

How To Prevent Bad Breath During Ramadan

What are the tricks to prevent bad breath that affects both ourselves and our loved ones while fasting during the month of Ramadan? Since no water or any food enters the mouth while fasting, bacteria formation increases in the mouth. Uncleaned bacteria cause bad odor. Another reason is the bad odors caused by enzymes in the stomach, which is hungry for long hours.

6 Suggestions to Prevent Bad Breath

  1. Be sure to brush your teeth especially after sahur. Food residues can cause easy growth of bacteria.
  2. You can use dental floss after brushing your teeth.
  3. Eat plenty of yoghurt and milk in suhoor.
  4. Consume plenty of herbs such as mint and parsley to suppress bad breath.
  5. If you are very comfortable with the smell, you can carefully rinse your mouth with water during the day without swallowing.
  6. Remember that heavy fries and meat dishes at iftar and suhoor can cause bad breath.

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