How to Protect Children & Babies from Fly Bites?

How to Protect Children & Babies from Fly Bites?

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Methods of preventing fly bites in children, mosquito repellent sprays or lotions are the most useful and the most frequently used method by parents. In this respect, to protect your child from fly bite You should choose the product you will use well. The product you prefer may contain an allergy-inducing substance on your child’s skin. Thanks to a completely natural fly repellent spray and lotion medicines, you will protect your child from flies. Methods to protect the child from flies

Among the ones that work the most are mentioned below. Thanks to these methods, you can protect your child against fly bites.

  • By installing a mosquito net around your child’s bed, you can prevent flies from coming. In this way, fly repellent drugs will not come into contact with your child’s skin. Be aware that these drugs can cause allergies in children.
  • You can also protect your child from flies by using 100% vegetable oils. Flies do not like vegetable oils with volatile effects, they go away. Some essential vegetable oils you can apply to your child; oils such as sage oil, rose oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil.
  • You can protect your child from flies by wearing light-colored clothes or sheets. Flies can perceive colors very easily. That’s why they don’t like bright and light colors, they stay away.

What Should Be Done After Child Is Bitten By A Fly?

What to do after the child is bitten by a fly

By applying , you can reduce your child’s pain from the fly bite and treat the bite.

  • It is helpful to apply ice compresses to the area of ​​the bite.
  • Putting some cologne on the site of the bite can hurt your child, but it is very effective. In this way, itching and pain from the bite pass.
  • Another method most preferred by mothers; It means crushing and rubbing aspirin on the bite. Aspirin will heal the bite site.

What is Mosquito Allergy in Babies?

Although it is not common for babies to be allergic to mosquitoes, it is possible. Mosquito allergy in children It becomes more by age 5. In places where mosquito bite is found, small bumps occur. To reduce this situation, you can dress your baby with long sleeves and use mosquito repellent drugs. If your problem continues, you should definitely take your child to the doctor.