How to Store Sacrificial Meat? Here are 5 Steps to Follow

How to Store Sacrificial Meat? Here are 5 Steps to Follow

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How to Store Sacrificial Meat? Here are 5 Steps to Follow
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As the Feast of Sacrifice approaches, one of the most curious issues is how to keep the sacrificial meat. After fulfilling our religious obligations and dividing our sacrifice into shares and sharing it with our neighbors, we all somehow preserve the remaining meat. So are we doing this right? Here are some things to consider when preserving sacrificial meat:

Let your meat stand
Store the sacrificial meat in a cool place at 14-20 degrees for 5 hours. Then, perform the shredding process and place it in the refrigerator. Because, according to experts, meats that are put in the refrigerator immediately after slaughter, without resting, lead to bacteria production.

Pay attention to hygiene
Make sure your hands are clean before cutting the meat into pieces. Wash the board where you will cut the meat, the knife and the containers where you will put the meat in boiling water the night before. Always put offal and meat in separate containers.

Store the meats you will consume after five days in the deep freezer.
Meat can be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of five days. The longer the time, the darker the color of the meat. Darkness alone does not mean that the meat is spoiled. In addition, changes in the smell and texture of the meat indicate that the meat has started to spoil. Always store the meats you will consume after more than five days in the deep freezer.

Divide the meat to be stored into portions

While shredding the meat according to your wishes and putting it in storage bags, store it by dividing it into portions that you can consume at once, taking into account your needs. Because you should consume frozen meat at once after thawing. Freezing the thawed meat again will cause it to spoil.

Defrost frozen meat in the refrigerator
Do not put frozen sacrificial meat in hot water for faster thawing. This increases the rate and amount of bacteria that will form in meat. Always put the meat you take out of the Deep Freezer into the refrigerator and wait for it to thaw.

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