How to Understand Child Rheumatism? Symptoms, Treatment

How to Understand Child Rheumatism? Symptoms, Treatment

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What are the symptoms of child rheumatism? or how to understand child rheumatism? If your child has problems such as persistent high fever and difficulty walking, you can review our article.

If rheumatism is seen in children, its treatment should be done in a health institution. rheumatism seen in 64 out of every 1000 children in Turkey, it can lead to very bad outcomes if infected. For this, it is necessary to go to a health institution as soon as some symptoms appear in the child. rheumatism tests should be done and treatment should be started immediately.

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Symptoms of Rheumatism in Children

Big concern of families how to understand rheumatism

The answer to the question can be given as follows:

  • Frequent joint pain
  • How many weaknesses
  • Recurrent, non-receding fever
  • Hair loss
  • Frequent aphthae in the mouth
  • Walking difficulty in children,
  • Disruption in bone structure in advanced stage,
  • Skin rash,
  • Prolonged high fever,
  • Chronic pain in joints,
  • Pain in front of legs and calves,
  • Usually children show the area between the knee and ankle as the painful area.
Symptoms of Rheumatism in Children

It is one of the symptoms of rheumatism in children. The joint pain mentioned here should not be confused with growing pain, especially as of the age of 9-10. This joint pain occurs as short-term cramps.

However, growing pain is known to be mild pain that lasts half an hour and spreads. In addition, the areas where growing pain is felt the most are the legs, calf and front of the legs. Contrary to these pains that pass with light massages and do not affect the activity, rheumatism pain can also be seen in the waist and wrists and negatively affects daily activities.

How to Understand Child Rheumatism?

Diagnosis of some diseases that develop in children is difficult for the family. Sometimes he may not be able to tell himself what his complaints are. You can notice child rheumatism early with symptoms that you can understand from the outside. If there are symptoms here, you should go to the pediatrician immediately.

Pediatric rheumatism, which is rarely seen in children, so it is not considered first, should be noticed at an early stage. It is generally assumed that rheumatic diseases develop in advanced ages, but the situation can sometimes change.

This disease, which can develop in children, can cause more permanent damage. With incomplete bone development, the bone structure is the most affected by this disease. Treatment is carried out with pediatric rheumatology centers.

Rheumatism Treatment in Children

Rheumatism treatment must be done in a well-equipped health institution. It is very important to take the medicines given on time. The importance of early diagnosis should not be forgotten, and the complaints that occur in children should be listened to.

Rheumatism Treatment in Children

Thanks to early diagnosis, children can get rid of the negative consequences of childhood rheumatism such as disability and permanent damage. In case of pain that lasts more than 6 weeks and frequent fever, the child must definitely pass a laboratory test. What if childhood rheumatism is not treated in time? You can browse our forum topic.