How to Understand Normal Labor Pain? Labor pain symptoms

How to Understand Normal Labor Pain? Labor pain symptoms

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Understanding normal labor pains is considered synonymous with understanding the signal that labor will begin so that parents can go to the hospital at the right time. Especially understanding the time of delivery, which is one of the most anxious issues for mothers who will give their first birth, will not cause worry when the message of normal birth pains is understood.

What Are the Symptoms of Labor Pain?

Uterine contractions known as labor pains can be confused by expectant mothers due to the presence of two types of labor pains. Symptoms of how labor begins

In order for the question to be answered, these two labor pains should be examined:

  • False Labor Pain: It may be difficult to distinguish false labor from normal labor, which indicates a short period of delivery but is not true. The pseudo labor pain that occurs at the end of pregnancy is due to the baby’s head resting on the pelvic bone of the expectant mother.
  • Normal Labor Pain: The normal birth pain that spreads from the lower parts of the abdomen to the groin and is observed in the form of sudden stabbing is caused by the advancement of the baby in the birth canal. Freezing of water and mild bleeding with increased contractions are the hallmarks of normal labor pain.

When to Go to Hospital for Birth?

Normal labor pains informs that it is time to go to the hospital. Seen in the last period of pregnancy and what does the severity of labor pain look like

It is not correct to understand the normal birth pains that are tried to be selected by answering the question by their severity. The fact that each woman has a different characteristic structure also affects the severity of the labor pain. Normal labor pain;

  • It starts mildly and becomes severe.
  • It can be felt with the 35th week of pregnancy.
  • Hit the waist, groin and back with the abdomen.
  • Initially, normal labor pain that comes every 2 – 3 hours is observed with a frequency of 10 – 15 minutes with the approach of labor. How many minutes does labor pain come? can be distinguished by the question.
  • Bleeding called engagement and labor pain, together with the coming of water, are signs that labor has begun.