Is Anise Tea Given To Babies For Gas Pain And Comfortable Sleep?

Is Anise Tea Given To Babies For Gas Pain And Comfortable Sleep?

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In babies suffering from colic and gas pains, mothers look for a solution when crying attacks are seen. One of the reasons for gas pains in babies may be the inability to get enough milk from the mother and therefore, ready-made formula is given to the baby. Ready-to-eat foods can cause pain in babies because they are more difficult to digest. The most easily digested and most comfortable food to drink is breast milk.

The anise plant can be one of the remedies for such situations. Anise is a plant in the form of seeds. Coming from the parsley family, anise seed is known to be good for digestion. In this respect, some doctors recommend anise tea to babies.

Gas pains that newborn babies experience are sometimes very severe because their digestive systems are not yet fully developed. It is possible to alleviate the cries and pains that disturb the mother and baby. Anise seed tea can be used in such cases because it is relaxing and beneficial for digestion. Anise tea will reduce the pain of babies and help them sleep comfortably. Anise, baby sleep can provide uninterrupted comfort in water.

How Should Anise Be Used in Babies?

Usually, use before 3 months is not recommended by most doctors. It is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations for the use of anise before 3 months in babies. In babies with colic, different remedies may be recommended instead of anise tea before 3 months. Drops with different mixtures are given to babies with colic from the younger months. There are also those that contain anise in these mixtures.

Anise seed is generally recommended to be brewed and consumed as tea. The use of anise for babies should be considered. The measure of the tea should be well known. It will usually be sufficient to give the baby a few drops with a teaspoon. Damages of anise is often the result of misuse. This is due to reasons such as excessive consumption and excessive dosage.

Anise tea recipe for babies should look like this:

8- 10 anise seeds should be brewed in 1 glass of boiling water and when it becomes warm, it should be strained and given to the baby with a few drops.

You should not use anise or other herbal teas without your pediatrician’s advice.