Korean Skin Care Mask Recipes at Home

Korean Skin Care Mask Recipes at Home

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Homemade skin care mask recipes from Korea reveals the secret of how Korean women, who amaze with their dazzling skin beauties, have smooth, radiant and healthy skin. In order to have a smooth skin resembling porcelain with masks prepared from natural oils, fruit and herbal extracts, only a few days a week;

  • Skin cleaning,
  • Skin care

The secret of looking beautiful at all ages with these recipes applied as a mask homemade Korean masks

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How to Make Korean Skin Cleansing Mask?

Korean women are known to attach great importance to skin cleansing. It is a fact that when they often do not make up at home, they work harder than usual to clean their skin and they do not hide it. Korean women who started to work primarily to protect and clean their skin against the effects of the sun or other adverse weather conditions. How to make a Korean mask

The recipe suggestions given to the question have answers from known natural materials.

  • In the first recipe, the benefits come from a special application known as the 424 technique, which is applied using oils known in our country. The skin is well nourished by massaging the face with coconut oil or almond oil for 5 minutes. The face is then cleansed using any skin cleanser for 2 minutes and the face is washed with warm water for 4 minutes.
  • The second recipe uses the rice we all have in our kitchen. Korean beauty secrets rice water lies in cleansing the skin. Korean women, who owe the white appearance they have on their skin to this recipe, periodically add water to two tablespoons of rice in a container and keep it covered. When the water becomes cloudy, the rice water is mixed and applied to the face for 5 minutes and then cleaned thoroughly with water.

How to Make Korean Skin Care Mask?

After skin cleansing, except for the cosmetic products they use for skin care, Korean skin care masks applications. The main ingredients of their mask are egg whites and oats. In this mask, which is enough to apply once or twice a week;

  • Clogged pores are opened.
  • The oil production of the skin is balanced.
  • The effects of aging are reduced.
  • The skin is renewed.

The mask obtained by mixing 1 egg white, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of oats should be cleaned 20 minutes after application to the skin.