Moisture Supplement for Cracked Lips

Moisture Supplement for Cracked Lips

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Honey, miraculous foods and ranks first in skin beauty. You can help dry lips that have lost their moisture balance to re-moisturize them and regain their natural color by applying honey.

With its bacteria cleansing feature, honey is also ideal for cleaning germs on the lip surface. It also makes it look smoother and more vibrant.

Apply Honey Instead of Lipstick

Rubbing honey on lips ensures that lips that have lost their natural color due to cosmetic products or due to different factors, and pale lips become lively and natural again. It is especially effective in lip skin problems in smokers.

Moisturizing the lips with natural methods

Applying honey for 2-3 times a week accelerates the peeling of the top layer, knitting a brand new texture and refreshing your lips. Among the benefits of honey to lips;

  • Lip care doing it naturally
  • Looking lively and dynamic
  • Provides moisture to cracked and dry lips
  • Giving fullness
  • Make the lip area look brighter.
  • Gaining its natural color

While providing, it is ideal for cleansing the skin structure with peeling effect and purifying the bacteria adhering to the skin tissue with factors such as kissing.

Honey Mask for Lip Care

Lip care

To make , you can prepare a moisturizing mask with honey and sugar mixture. It is one of the natural formulas for removing dryness, natural care and purifying dead cells. For the mask;

  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of natural olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of natural honey

It is mixed and applied to cleansed lips. After 10 minutes, it is washed off and lip moisturizer is applied.