Month-by-month Baby Feeding System

Month-by-month Baby Feeding System

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Healthy development of babies, the development of the immune system and the acquisition of eating habits start from the first months. Breast milk should be given for the first 6 months. Generally, additional foods are started from 4 months, but even breast milk is enough for the first 6 months.

Monthly Nutrition Menus of Babies

Between 4-6 months, vegetable-fruit purees are usually given to babies. There should be clumping close to the liquid and inside. Babies should not be forced to swallow directly in those months. In addition, pudding starts in these months.

Supplementary foods for babies and breast milk should be continued when foods are started. Breast milk usually benefits 12 to 24 months. Babies who do not have breast milk, who are weaned or cannot breastfeed for various reasons should be given formula, continued milk should be given, and their feeding should be supported with cereal spoon foods.

Spoon foods are prepared in water and their metabolism is acclimated. After an average of 2 weeks from these foods, fruit juice nutrition begins. Fresh and natural fruits are squeezed and 1-2 teaspoons are given.

After 1-2 weeks, fruit purees are started. When starting each food, a new additional food is started after 2 weeks on average. Vegetable soups are given after fruit purees.

Pudding in babies must be 5-6 months old. Vegetable soups are started to be consumed 1-2 weeks after the custard.

Custard Mixes for Babies

Make soup from peas, zucchini and cauliflower vegetables. eating habits is added. Yoghurts can be given as an alternative to custards. It is necessary for the development of the intestinal system.

Breast milk should be continued in babies aged 7-8 months, but if breastfeeding is not performed, follow-up milk should be started. After these months, raw vegetables can be given to babies to gnaw and suck.

8-month-old baby can start breakfast with a spoon of boiled egg. Lentil soups, granular foods can be started from 9 months. He can start bread and home cooking. It can consume all nutrients from 10-12 months of age.