Nail Whitening Methods Lemon and Toothpaste

Nail Whitening Methods Lemon and Toothpaste

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Things to do for nail whitening the most commonly used things are lemon and vinegar. Nails turn yellow, especially from nail polish. Nails that remain airless due to nail polish start to turn yellow over time. To get rid of this yellowness nail care needs to be done. For this, products can be bought from places where cosmetic products are sold. However, it is possible to whiten nails with natural methods to be applied at home.

Whitening Nails With Lemon

How to whiten nails

The most recommended thing on is lemon. Lemon has a nourishing effect on nails. So both nail extension and often lemon is used for nail whitening. Lemon can be applied directly to the nail. Apart from that, after preparing a mixture of half lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of baking soda, nails can be brushed with a brush.

Toothpaste For Nail Whitening

Nail whitening formulas

Another one of the is toothpaste. Brushing the nails with a little toothpaste on a clean toothbrush is a very effective method for whitening. Performing this method regularly will also whiten the nails in a short time.