Natural Menstrual Retarders

Natural Menstrual Retarders

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Women may not want to have periods as special days approach. Instead of using medication, you can use natural menstrual retardants. With these methods, you can spend your special days comfortably and without swelling in your body naturally.

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  • What Are Natural Menstrual Retarders?
    • Natural Vinegar
    • Cinnamon Powder
    • Lentil Soup
    • Yarrow
    • Parsley Tea

What Are Natural Menstrual Retardants?

Natural methods can be used to normalize the delayed menstrual cycle in women’s menstrual cycles that repeat every 30 days on average. This is also the opposite. Women who have special days, or who do not want to have menstruation while on vacation, can put their periods to a later date with natural methods.

Natural Vinegar

Additive-free and vinegar will help delay your menstrual period.

Cinnamon Powder

You can mix cinnamon, which is very beneficial in terms of health, with a small amount of yogurt and consume it.

Lentil Soup

With the help of some of its ingredients, it will prevent you from having menstruation for a while.


Yarrow, one of the most popular herbs of the recent period, has a menstrual delay when brewed as a tea.

Natural Menstrual Retarders

Parsley Tea

Crush the parsley boiled in hot water and consume it in this way. If you want, you can add some honey to soften your taste.
Start applying all of these applications at least 1 week before your menstrual cycle.