Panic Attack During Pregnancy And Its Treatment

Panic Attack During Pregnancy And Its Treatment

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We searched as women’s club editors panic attack and treatment during pregnancy

We prepared our article. Those who experienced panic attacks during pregnancy they know well what a bad disease this is.

What Are the Symptoms of Panic Attacks?

Reasons that indicate that you have a panic attack can appear suddenly. These symptoms, which become more and more severe, increase in intensity within 10 minutes and become most intense. These severe symptoms, which are exposed to an average of ten minutes to half an hour, pass by themselves. Panic attack symptoms are;

  • Pain and tightness in the chest
  • Rapid heart rate and palpitations
  • Sudden sweating, shortness of breath
  • Abdominal ache and feeling of nausea
  • Numbness in some areas
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Feeling of losing control
  • Feeling of death
  • Feeling cold, chills or fever

How Do Panic Attacks Occur?

Onset of panic attack starts with the first attack. Due to reasons such as pain in the chest, palpitations in the heart, difficulty in breathing, the person may think that they are having a heart attack or stroke and fear death. The patient, who has the feeling that some things in the environment have changed and are strange, may think that he is going crazy by losing control. When going to the hospital, the necessary controls are made and the patient is calmed with a sedative injection.

Anxiety and panic attacks during pregnancy

How Do Panic Attacks Go?

The most commonly used methods for panic attack treatment are as follows;

  • Drug therapy
  • Breathing exercises
  • Stay away from alcohol and drugs
  • Psychotherapy (speech therapy)
  • Playing sports

Persons with panic attacks will experience a 70% reduction in attacks by applying the treatment methods we mentioned.

Panic attack in pregnancy is a common disorder that can progress and become unmanageable if not treated in time. Below panic attack symptoms during pregnancy, you can have an idea about whether you have a panic attack or not from our article, but of course, the most accurate diagnosis is made by the doctor.

Anxiety disorders such as panic attacks are often stressful and indicate that something is wrong in the brain. If a pregnant woman does not take care of her health during her pregnancy, she may face panic attacks.

Panic Attack Symptoms During Pregnancy

  • Severe heart palpitations
  • Numbness, numbness, apathy mode
  • Excessive sweating
  • Breathing problems
  • High blood pressure

These are the symptoms of panic attacks, if no action is taken, the business gets even bigger.

panic attack treatment during pregnancy

Treatment for Panic Attacks During Pregnancy

During pregnancy booties attack treatment

We will make a few suggestions for .

Breathing Exercises

Put your hand on your stomach, close your eyes and take deep breaths slowly. As you breathe, feel your stomach muscles tighten and then relax. Deep breathing will help you calm down and return to normal. Even if you are a pregnant woman struggling with panic attacks, we recommend you to do yoga exercises. Yoga will help you relax and get rid of panic attacks.


Your daily diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables and especially protein.
Protein-based nutrition will calm the nerves and relax your body.
You even better contact a dietician and create a daily menu together.


The benefits of sports do not end with counting. Provides weight control, relieves stress, increases self-confidence, etc. Exercises such as walking, swimming, cycling that are suitable for you during pregnancy
is very effective in dealing with panic attacks. Exercise strengthens the nerves and muscles, so the body can cope more easily with mental illnesses. Which Sports Should Be Done During Pregnancy? You can browse our article.


Advanced panic attack causes depression in the expectant mother, which endangers the life of mother and baby. Talking during pregnancy and spending time with our loved ones are the best ways to avoid mental distress.
Meet the people you love, who are good for you, and have a pleasant time with them.