Popular Boy Girl Baby Names 2019

Popular Boy Girl Baby Names 2019

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Different baby names 2019 and its meanings are among the issues that many people wonder about every year. Especially parents who want to give a different name to their child other than popular names often turn to different names. Nowadays, although male and female baby names are considered separately, it is possible to come across common names for boys and girls from time to time. You can choose the one you like the most from the names we will recommend separately for boys and girls and give it to your child with peace of mind.

Popular Boys Girls Baby Names 2019

2019 Baby Boy Name Suggestions

We have compiled a few alternative baby boy names that have beautiful meanings and are easy to pronounce. It seems that these baby names will be preferred in 2019 as well as in 2018. These;

  • Ertugrul
  • Berkay
  • Ömer Halis
  • Sungur Alp
  • Batuhan
  • Ages

This is how we come across male names that we have come across quite often lately. Especially at this time, it is seen that the names of old Turkish origin are preferred more frequently by men.

2019 Baby Girl Name Suggestions

Undiscovered names and some of the most used names for baby girls recently, I am sure you will like it very much. These names, which have both quite different and beautiful meanings, and their meanings are briefly as follows;

  • Erva: Brave, brave, beautiful person who gives water.
  • Alvina: Heavenly beautiful girl, chaste one.
  • İzgi: One who is just and beautiful.
  • Özge: Foreigner.
  • Sumru: The peak of a place, the highest point.

Some of the most admired and beautiful girls in the past baby names is like this. The most important issue to be considered when naming is; It is the meaning it carries, not the harmony of the name or being easy to say. As it is known, there may be effects of names in terms of their meanings for the people who bear that name.