Recipe for crispy packet pastry with minced meat

Recipe for crispy packet pastry with minced meat

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How to make crispy bundle pastry with minced meat? Ingredients of Crispy Bundle Pastry with Minced Meat… Recipe for Crispy Bundle Pastry with Minced Meat…

Crispy Bundle Pastry Recipe with Minced Meat

For the dough:
2 tea glasses of milk
2 tea glasses of water
2 tea glasses of vegetable oil
As much flour as it takes

For Filling:
Half tea glass of vegetable oil
500 gr ground beef
1 onion
Salt, pepper
2 dessert spoons of thyme
1 potato
1 tomato
Half a cup of crushed walnuts

To roll dough:
Half a bowl of starch

In a deep bowl, water, milk, oil, salt and flour are mixed and a dough with the consistency of an earlobe is obtained. On the other side, roast finely chopped onions in a large pan. Add potato, ground beef, tomato grated, salt, black pepper and thyme, respectively, and fry well. Finally, walnuts are added and the water is thoroughly absorbed. After the minced meat is cooled, walnut-sized meringues are taken from the dough and a thin dough in the size of a cake plate is rolled with the help of starch. Put the minced meat in the middle and close it in the form of a bundle. The pastries are placed on a greased baking tray. Apply plenty of olive oil on the pastries and bake in a preheated 180 degree oven until they are browned.

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