Shoe Stretching Techniques with Potatoes

Shoe Stretching Techniques with Potatoes

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New shoes or tighten potato for shoes

By applying , you can make your feet comfortable. You can apply practical methods to expand the shoes.

Practical Techniques for Shoes

Making molds on shoes or expansion work by shoemakers may be one of the methods. Another method is to place water-filled bags in shoes and then keep them in the refrigerator. This method makes the shoes that are tight or small to be more comfortable and allows them to expand easily.

Filling shoes with wet newspaper, expanding shoes is one of the formulas. The most practical and comfortable method is the potato technique.

Relax Your Feet With Potatoes

Buy two large potatoes according to the size, model and size of the shoes. After peeling the potatoes, wrap it with a towel napkin or newspaper. Then fit the toes of the shoes firmly. Leave it like this overnight.

Dry potatoes will allow the shoe leather to expand. It is also one of the most effective methods for removing bad odors from shoes. Shoe widening with potatoes

The technique is not recommended for cloth and fabric shoes. Wetness on the potato may cause stains as it will pass to the fabric.

Comfortable Shoe Use

Do not wear the same shoes over and over in order for the shoes that are most comfortable to you and that you wear most often to last longer and to maintain your foot health. Take a break for at least 1 or 2 days and let it vent.