SSI State Contribution in IVF Transactions 2020

SSI State Contribution in IVF Transactions 2020

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How much of the 2020 SSI in vitro fertilization treatment? Drugs used in IVF treatment are not exempt from the contribution fee. Does the State Support cover medications?

SGK IVF Conditions 2019-2020

The conditions required to cover the IVF treatment expenses, which are limited to three trials for the 2019-2020 SGK in vitro fertilization, are as follows;

Health board report should be prepared. In the content of the medical board report, it should be stated that the parent cannot have a child with normal methods after medical treatments. The content of the report should also include the necessity of assisted reproductive methods.

To benefit from state support, one must be under the age of 43 and over the age of 23.
There is a requirement of being married for 3 years, and couples who have been married for three years are required to vaccinate at least twice.
In exceptional cases, a 3-year marriage condition is not required. These exceptions are; Those with less than 5 million sperm count, closed tubes and low egg reserves.

The center where IVF will be applied must have a contract with SGK.

It should not be possible to get results by trying the treatment methods in the last three years. This situation must be documented by the healthcare provider.

The number of health insurance premium days covering a period of at least five years must be completed and any of the spouses must fulfill this condition.

IVF State Support 2020

People who have information about the conditions specified for IVF treatment support receive a report if the conditions are complete and provide drug support by the institution. In the treatment method, where the Social Security Institution supports up to 3 attempts, the fact that the person has a child from their marriage does not affect the institution support.

Couples who cannot have children naturally, have the right to 3 trials with state support and benefit from the IVF method free of charge. Another situation that does not prevent state support is adoption. For couples who have adopted children before, this does not prevent them from receiving institutional support.

Couples who want to receive IVF government support have the chance to benefit from IVF support by only paying a contribution fee if they meet the conditions.

Age Limit in Treatments

If the age of the woman who started treatment is over 40 years old, the treatment costs are not covered by the institution. In order to cover the treatment expenses by the SSI, a medical report issued before the age of 40 is required. If the embryo transfer takes place within 30 days as of the report date, the costs related to the treatment are covered by the institution.

What is IVF Treatment SGK Report?

It is possible to benefit from state support by obtaining an IVF treatment report. What is an IVF report and what should be done to get it;

To obtain an IVF report, it is necessary to apply to university hospitals or state hospitals where the IVF unit is located.

The tests requested in the IVF treatment report are FSH, AMH values, uterine film and sperm tests that should be given at least three different times.

The name drug and treatment report appears in 2 separate forms as drug and treatment reports. Medication reports expire for 1 month. The treatment report period is arranged to be valid for 6 months.

A new report must be issued for each application.

The reports issued must comply with the SGK requirements.

Reporting periods vary according to the hospital applied.