Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System With 5 Easy Measures!

Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System With 5 Easy Measures!

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With the arrival of the winter months, epidemics that weaken the immune system started to spread gradually. Nowadays, many of us complain of weakness, cough and runny nose. So, what measures can you take to help your child get through this period better? Our recommendations are hidden in the rest of our article!

Dress suitable for the environment

We know it is very difficult to wear in winter. Despite the possibility of a cold; You need to adjust the temperature balance between home, school bus and classroom well and raise awareness of your child. Ideal one; It should be in the form of an outfit suitable for your child’s environment and a cardigan for precautionary purposes. In this way, your child does not face the risk of excessive sweating or, on the contrary, extreme cold and becoming sick.

Sleep pattern is essential!

The melatonin hormone, which helps growth and strengthens the immune system, is secreted only during sleep. That’s why it is very important to ensure that your child sleeps for at least 8 hours. If your child does not get enough sleep regularly every day; body resistance decreases and becomes vulnerable to many diseases, especially influenza.

Make him exercise

With the arrival of the winter months; The time spent in open spaces decreases, children’s range of motion becomes narrower, and the body gradually gets used to this stagnation and decreases its resistance. In order for your child not to experience such a loss of resistance, it is very useful to direct him to exercise and to spend time together in the fresh air frequently.

The habit of washing hands is not neglected.

From rows to doorknobs, from school bus to toilets… In short, every place we call collective living spaces; They are the most suitable places for microbes to multiply. Therefore, special attention should be paid to washing hands after being in such environments. Instead of being prescriptive, while giving your child this habit, telling him the reasons to understand him will help him adopt it easily.

Get support from immune-boosting foods

A healthy and balanced diet should not cover only one period when it comes to children. Because then we can talk about a strong immune system and of course a healthy development. In this sense; It is important that you start the day with a quality breakfast and raise the awareness of your child to make healthy choices in the rest of their meals.

Meet Danino Support, which supports immunity with vitamin D

“Danino Support”, honey & propolis that supports immunity with its vitamin D content; It is ready to support with three different flavors: orange & ginger, black elderberry & rosehip! Danino Support, with the vitamin D inside in winter days, can be preferred by mothers to support the immune system with peace of mind; A delicious snack alternative that children will love to consume.

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