The 9 Best Healthy Carbs for Weight Loss

The 9 Best Healthy Carbs for Weight Loss

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Imagine this: You can lose weight, feel healthier, stronger and better while still eating carbs. Yes that is right. You can definitely lose weight by eating carbs, but this is only true healthy carbohydrates if you eat.

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  • What makes carbohydrates the healthiest carbohydrates?
  • Healthiest Carbohydrates for Weight Loss
    • Barley
    • Whole Wheat Pasta
    • Legumes
    • Whole wheat bread
    • Black Bean
    • Oatmeal
    • Quinoa
    • Chocolate milk
    • Banana

What makes carbohydrates the healthiest carbohydrates?

There are three main carbohydrate groups:

  • Simple carbohydrates are basically sugars. You’ll find them naturally in fruits and vegetables, but also in refined grains and foods processed through “added sugar”. Because they are simple and refined, simple carbohydrates burn rapidly, increasing your blood sugar and causing it to drop. This can make you crave for more carbohydrates and also cause weight gain over the long term.
  • Complex carbohydrates consists of long chains of sugar molecules. These carbohydrates keep you full longer because it takes your body more time to digest and break down for energy.
  • Dietary fiber carbohydrate is a long chain of sugar molecules, just like complex carbohydrates, but it cannot be digested, meaning your body cannot break it down to use it for energy. Instead, dietary fiber helps you feel full as well as keep your digestive system working. You’ll often find fiber in the same foods that contain complex carbs.

Healthiest Carbohydrates for Weight Loss

High in dietary fiber and low in simple sugars, this complex healthy carbohydrates

We have compiled the list. Include the healthiest carbohydrates in your daily diet and continue to burn fuel and fat all day without sacrifice. Healthy carbohydrate containing foods;


healthy carbohydrate containing foods

Not only is it good for your health, it is also a good appetite suppressant that can help keep your diet going smoothly all day. Barley is a mostly soluble fiber food that has been linked to lowering cholesterol, lowering blood sugar and increasing feelings of fullness. Also beneficial to health, barley has many health benefits such as inflammation and stabilized blood sugar levels.

Whole Wheat Pasta

healthy carbohydrates

You know brown pasta is better, but do you know why? This is because whole wheat contains three parts of grains, all of which are nutrient-rich and fiber-rich. In addition to the whole grain pasta, try lentil, chickpea, black bean or quinoa varieties.


healthy carbohydrates to lose weight

Lentils, chickpeas, peas and beans are all the healthiest solutions for melting belly fat and losing weight. Those who ate diets rich in legumes saw improvement in their “bad” LDL cholesterol levels.

Whole wheat bread

healthy carbohydrates that weaken

As with whole wheat pasta, you get all three pieces that contain fiber to increase satiety and prevent overeating. It is packed with nutrients containing whole grains, protein, fiber, B vitamins, antioxidants, and trace minerals (iron, zinc, copper, and magnesium). A diet rich in whole grains has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some types of cancer.

Attention: Some producers remove the outer layer of bran from the whole wheat, refined wheat flour

Did you know that they use , add molasses to dye it brown and call it 100% wheat bread? That’s right, but not whole grain.

Black Bean

carbohydrate slimming

Beans are a great source of protein with fiber. Beans are actually an enhanced fat burning, great food for building muscle. It is also rich in folate, a B vitamin that accelerates muscle growth, and copper, which strengthens tendons. Studies have observed that consuming four servings of beans or legumes per week accelerates weight loss.


weight loss by eating carbohydrates

Oats are among the healthiest grains in the world. It is a gluten-free whole grain and a source of important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Oats are rich in carbs and fiber but higher in protein and fat than most other grains. It is very high in many vitamins and minerals.

Oats are loaded with complex carbohydrates, but the release of these sugars is slowed by fiber. Oats also provide energy as they contain 10 grams of protein per half-cup serving. Oatmeal is a good muscle-friendly food. Because it is soluble fiber, it reduces the risk of heart disease.


healthy carbohydrate sources

Quinoa is higher in protein than other grains and contains high doses of unsaturated fat for heart health. Quinoa is also a great source of fiber and B vitamins. It contains twice the protein of most grains and fewer healthy carbohydrates.

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Chocolate milk

healthy carbohydrate drinks

Would you like to know the secret to staying slim? You need more case. This is because muscle burns more calories than fat, so for each new muscle fiber you build, your metabolism gets another wave of fat-burning energy while you rest. And chocolate milk can help you do just that with the best carbohydrate and protein blend.

How much protein will you find in low-fat chocolate milk? Eight grams per cup. If you consume before and after your workout, you can get a total of 16 grams of high impact whey means it will give the protein. If you do this first thing in the morning, it is a great metabolism booster drink that allows you to burn calories throughout the day.


carbohydrate containing fruits

The best friend of a swollen belly is a banana. Fight gas and water retention with banana. One study found that women who ate bananas twice a day as a pre-meal snack for 60 days reduced abdominal bloating by 50 percent. Not only do fruits boost stomach bloating-fighting bacteria, they’re also a good source of potassium.

Bananas are rich in glucose, a highly digestible sugar that provides fast energy, and their high potassium content muscle cramps helps prevent. A medium banana contains about 36 grams of good healthy carbohydrates.