The Time And Process Of Weaning The Baby

The Time And Process Of Weaning The Baby

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Cutting off the baby from the breast must be expected to be 2 years old. First 6 months only breast milk should be given. Afterwards, additional foods can be given to the baby. From the breast It is necessary not to leave the issue of cutting to the initiative of the baby. Because babies sometimes want to suck for less than 2 years and sometimes more than 2 years.

Tips to Make Breastfeeding Cut Easier

Breastfeeding Some tips to facilitate the cutting process are:

  • The baby should not be weaned suddenly. It should be cut gradually over a period of several weeks.
  • During this period, breastfeeding should be shorter than in the past.
  • The number of breastfeeding should be reduced gradually. In fact, instead of this reduced number of breastfeeding, another food should be given to the baby to see it as an alternative.
  • When the baby refuses the bottle given by the mother, it should not be breastfed. Instead, someone else should try to give the baby a bottle.
  • When the baby is given a bottle, the mother should keep it close to the baby, just like breastfeeding. Thus, the baby should feel that weaning will not lead to a decrease in maternal love.
  • In the period of weaning; the mother should communicate with the baby and explain the situation by talking.

What should be considered when weaning the baby from the breast?

Some of the things to be considered when weaning the baby are:

  • The baby should not be allowed to pretend to breastfeed the mother’s breast.
  • Breastfeeding should not be used to help the baby calm down or sleep.
  • When trying to wean the baby from the breast, it should be especially affectionate and affectionate towards the baby.