Unknown Benefits of Ashura

Unknown Benefits of Ashura

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Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Ayça Kaya talked about the benefits of ashura and shared the recipe for a healthy ashura.

Stating that Aşure is a complete vitamin B store, Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Ayça Kaya talked about the benefits of ashura and shared the recipe for a healthy ashura.

While many women are very generous when making and distributing Ashura, some of them fear of gaining weight and desserts and hence the ashura. Since desserts are generally foods with low nutritional value and high energy value, they are not recommended for healthy eating and weight loss.

Generally, desserts contain flour, sugar, oil, and sometimes milk. The nutritional value of these foods is not very high. However, its caloric value is very high. Therefore, it causes the person to get fat and gain weight directly. However, although Aşure is a dessert, it is differences from sweets. Each ingredient that goes into Aşure is individually very precious and none of them is empty calories. For this reason, ashura is the most useful dessert known.

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Wheat for Ashura B group in terms of vitamins is very rich. Dry beans and chickpeas are very valuable in terms of both protein and carbohydrate. At the same time, as they are high in fiber, they increase bowel movements and are recommended for those with constipation. Dried and fresh fruits give the most flavor to Aşure. Fruits have very high vitamin values. They strengthen the immune system. At the same time, especially dried fruits are rich in minerals such as calcium. Oily seeds such as hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds that are put on the ashura are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acid is especially beneficial on vascular health and memory. If the ashura made is sweetened with honey or molasses instead of sugar, a higher quality dessert will be made in terms of nutritional value.
Lots of benefits but also high in calories

Although Aşure is a useful dessert calorie value is high. With 1 bowl of ashura, approximately 300-350 calories are taken. If you want me to eat ashura and not gain weight, eat it as a bowl and main meal a day. For example, it can be eaten as a lunch or evening meal. Eating Ashura, a cup of coffee with milk both speeds up the metabolism and keeps you full for longer. It makes you feel less hungry at the next meal.