What are Hidden Diabetes Symptoms?

What are Hidden Diabetes Symptoms?

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Hidden diabetes indicators play an important role in the diagnosis of this disease. If hidden sugar, which is seen as the preliminary stage of diabetes, is diagnosed and treated early, you can get rid of diabetes.

What are Hidden Diabetes Symptoms

What Are Hidden Diabetes Symptoms?

Hidden diabetes symptoms are;

  • Constant cravings and cravings for sweets
  • Instant excess weight gain and loss
  • Sugar drop
  • Instant anger and irritation
  • Blurred vision
  • Feeling weak and tired all the time
  • Getting into depression easily
  • Don’t force waking up in the morning

Sugar Test

Hidden candy to diagnose the harvest diabetes test can be applied. As a result of the test, if your fasting blood sugar is between 100mg / dl and 126 mg / dl, you may have latent diabetes. However, in some cases, even though the sugar is below 100mg / dl, if the sugar measured in the second hour during the sugar loading test is between 140mg / dl and 200mg / dl, it is among the symptoms that you have latent diabetes. If hidden diabetes is not treated, it can turn into diabetes. Therefore, when the diagnosis of latent diabetes is made, its progress can be prevented by starting treatment immediately.

How Does Secret Candy Pass?

Exercising regularly for secret diabetes treatment is the secret sugar type 2 to diabetes is an important step to prevent it from converting. Regular sleep, getting rid of excess weight, regulating eating habits are among the methods of treating hidden sugar.