What are the Benefits and Harm of Quince Herb Tea?

What are the Benefits and Harm of Quince Herb Tea?

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What are the Benefits and Harm of Quince Herb Tea?

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Drinking quince herb tea provides many positive benefits on health. The consumption of quince tea is among the herbal teas consumed especially to relieve gas pain. It is known that the consumption of quince tea is effective on stopping stomach and intestinal bleeding.

The benefits of the quince, which is among the plants that are a panacea, are countless. The quince, known under different names, is also known as musk and wormwood. The plant, which can be used from its tea, wine, tincture and bath, has a pleasant aromatic scent and a non-bitter taste.

Preparation of Quince Herb Tea

Quince tea tea

Materials required for the preparation of :

  • A teaspoon of dried quince herb
  • A glass of boiled water
  • A slice of lemon or honey can be added to flavor it.

Dried quince grass is added to boiled water and infused for 10 minutes.

Benefits of Quince Herb

  • Has a high blood pressure lowering effect. It helps to lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.
  • It helps to stop diarrhea by showing anti-bacterial effect on the intestine.
  • Quince menstrual remover has the effect. It helps to maintain menstrual order by treating delayed menstruation. The quince herb, which has the effect of relaxing the muscles, is also effective in relieving the pain caused by menstrual contractions.
  • It is good for common cold and reduces sore throat.
  • Quince, known as a healing herb for those who have insomnia, reduces tensions and removes insomnia with its relaxing effect.
  • Quince is used in diet programs as a natural detox for the body.
  • The quince tea, which is effective in relieving gas pain, also removes indigestion.
  • It is among the excellent herbal treatment methods for varicose veins and is among the herbal healing resources that those who have atherosclerosis should definitely try.
  • The root and leaves of the quince herb are applied to relieve toothache.

Who Cannot Use Quince Herb

Although the quince herb plant used in recommended sizes does not have any side effects Quince herb pregnancy

It should not be used during . In addition, it is not appropriate for people who are allergic to flower powder and people who are sensitive to royal jelly and honey. The quince, which can be used internally and externally, should not be given to children under 5 years of age.