What are the Causes of Bad Breath in Children?

What are the Causes of Bad Breath in Children?

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Causes of bad breath in children depends on underlying cause. Bad breath, expressed as halitosis, can often be seen in children. Physiologically or pathologically, bad breath can be seen. Bad breath and fever in babies is a harbinger of an infectious health problem. It can be a sign of inflammation, especially in the upper and lower respiratory tract. In such cases, it is important to consult a specialist immediately. Except this:

  • Due to respiratory problems,
  • Due to stomach and intestinal problems,
  • Bad breath may be seen due to problems with blood gas.

Causes of Breath Odor in Children

There are many factors that cause breath odor in children. Why does a child’s breath smell:

  • Physiological bad breath is the odor that occurs when you wake up in the morning. It can occur due to reasons such as drinking little water, vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  • Bad breath, which occurs due to oral reasons, is caused by gingival inflammation or intraoral infections.
  • Bad breath caused by respiratory tract causes especially throat infections and tonsillitis. Problems such as sinusitis and rhinitis cause bad breath.
  • Problems due to systemic diseases Bad breath in 2-year-old babies are among the important reasons.
  • Unstable and wrong consumption of food and beverage can also lead to bad breath.

Causes Bad Breath in Babies?

Bad breath in teething babies is considered normal. If bad breath is very disturbing during this period of babies, infection may be in question. Especially mouth odors that last longer than 2 months are called chronic. Children who are weaned from breast milk should drink plenty of water to prevent bad breath. Apart from this, if he is over 3 years old, it is absolutely necessary to brush his teeth regularly. Bad breath, especially in children with breastfeeding, can also be caused by the drugs used by the mother. The drugs used by the mother can be passed to the baby through breast milk and bad breath may occur in this case. In order to prevent such situations, the mother should consult a doctor for medication.