What are the Causes of Chest Pain in Children?

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The cause of chest pain in children, as in adults, is always heart. Chest pain is more common, usually in children between the ages of 11 and 13.

Causes of Chest Pain in Children

causes of chest pain in children

In children Causes of chest pain are:

  • Idiopathic chest pains, which are a non-cardiac cause, are observed as an attack. Apart from having no physical findings, it is also not linked to exercise.
  • Chest pain may occur due to problems in the musculoskeletal system. It is usually caused by a wrong movement during exercise or as a result of lifting excessive weight.
  • Sliding Rib Syndrome is one of the causes of chest pain in children. It is a pseudo-pain syndrome in the chest. It is the reflection of abnormalities in the ribs as pain in the chest area.
  • Inflammation of the pericardium causes pain in the back of the sternum.
  • In case of heart rhythm disturbance, a pain is felt in the chest.
  • Of lung origin; Diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma can cause chest pain.
  • Pulmonary artery pressure is one of the causes of chest pain.
  • Problems related to the stomach such as reflux can also occur as chest pain due to the location of the stomach.

Situations to be Concerned About Chest Pain

First of all, situations where chest pain is related to the heart are more dangerous. That’s why in the child pain; It should be detected from the left side of the chest without spreading to the abdomen, neck and arm areas and precautions should be taken. In addition, a doctor should be consulted in case of fainting, fainting, palpitations, previous heart surgery, or a death in the family due to a heart.

Could Chest Pain Be Due To Psychological Causes?

Exam stress, problems the child experiences in school life, psychological problems such as depression and anxiety also cause chest pain.