What are the Early Pregnancy Symptoms? When Does It Start?

What are the Early Pregnancy Symptoms? When Does It Start?

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Early pregnancy symptoms initiation varies according to the body of the person. Although there are serious changes in the body from the first week, it may not be understood by most people.

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  • What Are The First Week Symptoms Of Pregnancy?
  • When Should a Pregnancy Test?
    • When Should Early Pregnancy Test Be Made?
    • Pregnancy and Pregnancy Test Brands and Prices
    • What does a single line mean in a pregnancy test?
  • What Are Early Pregnancy Symptoms?
    • 1. Delay in your period
    • 2. Feeling pregnant
    • 3. Breast tenderness
    • 4. Tiredness
    • 5. Frequent urination
    • 6. Nausea
    • 7. Dizziness and fainting
    • 8. Increased appetite or aversion to certain foods
    • 9. Sensitivity to odors
    • 10. Heartburn and / or constipation
    • 11. Mood changes
    • 12. Increased body temperature

What Are The First Week Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

pregnancy symptoms first week

It may appear as of . However, not everyone’s body reacts at the same time. Since every woman’s body is unique, symptoms other than traditional pregnancy symptoms may be encountered.

The most common pregnancy symptoms are as follows;

  • Menstrual delay (from the first moment)
  • Nausea and vomiting (from week 6)
  • Pain and tenderness in the breasts (from the first moment)
  • Sudden emotional changes (from the first moment)
  • Dizziness (from the first week)
  • Bleeding – small spotting (from the first week)
  • Frequent need to use the toilet
  • Hypersensitivity to odors

When Should a Pregnancy Test?

One hundred percent pregnancy symptoms

Although begins to appear in the body, it is definitely understood by the pregnancy test. Those who want to do the test should first check their menstrual calendar. In addition, if the above symptoms are also observed, they can have the pregnancy test done at home or in hospitals.

how to do pregnancy test

For a more accurate test at home, you should repeat it every one to two weeks. However, for the most accurate results, you should have a pregnancy test in hospitals. If you wish Pregnancy Test Without Going To The Pharmacy

You can use our article.

When Should Early Pregnancy Test Be Done?

You should apply the early pregnancy test in the morning. It gives the best results in the morning. First in the morning, put your urine in a plastic container or bowl. You should take the strip test and put it in the container where you put urine and wait 5 minutes. If there is a delay for one day, this test is 90 percent correct. Make sure you have a blood test for a definitive result.

Pregnancy and Pregnancy Test Brands and Prices

Predictor Pregnancy Test
Predictior Pregnancy Test Price 2019: 20. 00 TL
In order to perform the Predictor pregnancy test, which is known as good quality in the market and whose price is 17.90 TL as of 2019, you can hold the absorbent part on the end of the test strip with urine or you can dip the stick into that container after urinating in a clean container. Then, after waiting 3 minutes, if you see 2 pink lines in the result window, you are pregnant. Even if one line is fainter than the other, it means the test is positive. If there is a pink streak, you are not pregnant.

Important Information: The second line should appear within 3 minutes. Later lines are not valid.

https: // www. women’s club. com / forum / threads / pregnancy-test-brands-and-2019-prices-home-pregnancy-test-when-to-do. 1114392 /

What does a single line mean in a pregnancy test?

If your menstrual period is delayed, it is the first indicator of your possibility of being pregnant.

You took a home pregnancy test and the result is negative if 1 line. You are not pregnant. If it is 2 lines it will be positive. Shows that you are pregnant.

What Are Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

Serious symptoms are observed in the first 4-5 weeks of pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Delay in your period

This symptom is probably the most certain. Some expectant mothers may experience a fairly light bleeding during their menstrual periods, this is not like the normal menstrual period and may be a harbinger of possible pregnancy.

2. Feeling pregnant

This early symptom may be the reason you are reading this article right now. Many expectant mother has a hunch whether she is pregnant or not, and it has been proven that the hunch is often correct.

You may suddenly start to feel different, for example you may be feeling more tired, or you may experience occasional nausea, mild dizziness or stress, extreme mood swings. In addition, you may have constipation or go to the toilet more often than before. These can also be the harbinger of a possible pregnancy.

3. Breast tenderness

One of the earliest noticeable signs of pregnancy is swollen, tender, and somewhat aching breasts. You can feel this symptom before falling asleep, turning around or while getting dressed or taking a bath.

When you get pregnant, your body begins to prepare itself for milk production or breastfeeding. In addition, breast tenderness, swelling, soreness or extra sensitivity in the nipples. Some expectant mothers also experience color changes on their nipples.

4. Tiredness

Another of the earliest signs of pregnancy is a feeling of extreme tiredness that starts suddenly. It may start to go to bed earlier or it may feel more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. If you are working, you may experience increased fatigue and sleepiness towards noon.

The smallest activity or activity you do may cause you to lose your range of motion and cause your blood pressure to drop or feel weak.

5. Frequent urination

Another important symptom is the increase in the frequency of going to the toilet. This frequency may increase to the point of your co-workers or those around you. We wouldn’t want to say that, but sometimes this situation can last for nine months.

6. Nausea

Another condition that occurs in the early stages of pregnancy is nausea. Your stomach may be extremely nauseous or even take it out at an unexpected moment. This early symptom can also appear in the first week of pregnancy. Some expectant mothers experience this problem only in the mornings, while for some other mothers it may take all day.

7. Dizziness and fainting

Another early pregnancy symptom is a feeling of dizziness. After standing for a while, while waiting in line for grocery shopping, you may experience dizziness when you sit down and stand up suddenly. This is a condition that occurs as a result of low blood pressure due to the swelling of the uterus and pressure on the veins in your legs.

8. Increased appetite or aversion to certain foods

Another sign of pregnancy is the appetite of our expectant mothers. Craving may also occur and they may want to eat fruits or vegetables that are out of season. On the other hand, some of our expectant mothers may also experience disgust and disgust towards the food they love very much.

9. Sensitivity to odors

Another symptom that often stands out in some of our expectant mothers is excessive sensitivity to odors. Any smell of food or perfume can be extremely uncomfortable or cause nausea.

10. Heartburn and / or constipation

The reason for this problem is that the uterus starts to swell and puts pressure on the stomach. At the same time, increasing hormone levels in your body can slow digestion. In this process, taking additional vitamins under the supervision of a doctor may be beneficial for your developing baby. Also, eating frequently for short intervals can also contribute to the reduction of these troubles.

11. Mood changes

Depending on the hormonal changes in your body, some changes may occur in your mood. You may suddenly get angry or stressed out. While laughing for a moment, you may feel emotional and cry or experience excessive excitement. All of these are quite normal and are possible signs of pregnancy.

12. Increased body temperature

Increase in body heat is also one of the important symptoms of pregnancy. You may feel like you are having a slight fever and think you have a cold. Therefore, if you are in the process of getting pregnant, you can follow the increases in your body temperature. We recommend that you consult your doctor in cases of prolonged excessive fever.