What are the harms of smoking during pregnancy?

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The harms of smoking during pregnancy adversely affects baby health and pregnancy. Smoking, which should be avoided even outside the pregnancy period, causes serious harm to the mother and the baby during pregnancy. The fact that 60% of smoking women continue to smoke during pregnancy reveals the fact that there is not enough awareness on this issue. In this period, it should be taken into account that you harm the health of your baby as well as your own health and smoking should be avoided.

What Are the Harms of Smoking During Pregnancy?

The realization of blood exchange through the umbilical cord between the mother and the baby during pregnancy, when to quit smoking during pregnancy

It removes the innocence of time-saving questions such as . Smoking during pregnancy;

  • Before the baby completes his development,
  • The delay of the baby’s development,
  • The sudden death of the baby in the mother’s womb,
  • Pregnancy poisoning,
  • Baby’s not being fed enough,
  • Premature separation of the baby from the placenta,
  • Decrease in milk in the postpartum period

It causes the risk of not being born to the baby. Given risks what should smokers eat during pregnancy causes damages that cannot be eliminated with questions such as, and it is necessary to stop smoking when it is learned that the patient is pregnant.

What Are Observed in Infants of Smoking Mothers?

Made in England babies of pregnant women who smoke

In the research on different findings were obtained. In researches with 4D ultrasound scans;

  • In the mother’s womb, babies touch their faces more frequently and behave outside the normal fetal movements,
  • Infants’ central nervous system development slows down,
  • Increased risk of infants getting sick,
  • The heart health of babies is damaged,
  • Babies have respiratory distress when they are born

Proven. With this study, which was conducted to encourage the abandonment of smoking during pregnancy, it was proved that excuses such as less smoking and light smoking are not accepted by mothers who smoke during pregnancy.