What Are the Negative Effects of Television on Children?

What Are the Negative Effects of Television on Children?

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Television addiction in children and damages we investigated the effects on children. The reasons why children become addicted to television vary. There is no harm in having the television on in infancy. On the contrary, hearing various sounds will contribute to the development of vocabulary.

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  • Television Addiction in Children
  • Effects of Television Addiction on Child Development
  • What Should Be Done to Prevent TV Addiction?
  • What Are the Harms of Watching Television in a Child?
    • Intelligence Development
    • Sleep Disorders
    • Economic Troubles
    • Behavioral Disorders
    • Obesity

Television Addiction in Children

However, sitting the child in front of the TV in order to behave, eat or not cry will create serious problems for the child. Children who are subjected to such treatment will become addicted to television at later ages. Are You Making Your Baby Watch TV? You can browse our forum topic.

Likewise, children who grow up in a family that is constantly sitting in front of the TV can also become addicted to television. The child’s TV addiction is a huge threat to a child’s developmental process. See: my daughter wants to watch TV all the time

Television Addiction in Children

Effects of Television Addiction on Child Development

Television’s effects on children vary widely. However, television addiction, which creates negativity in every sense, shows that efforts should be made to discourage the child from television. TV addiction effects on children are listed as follows:

  • The child will be insensitive to violence due to the violent content they see on TV.
  • Young children copycat. For this reason, they can imitate the negative situations they see on TV.
  • Research has indicated that the child cannot concentrate on puzzles or reading that require attention after watching TV for a long time.
  • Children; it prevents them from learning by speaking, reading or writing.
  • Children think everything they see on TV is real and want to be in their place.
  • Due to the 25th Square technique used in advertisements, negative content is registered in the subconscious of children.
  • Since watching TV is a passive action, obesity could start.

What Should Be Done to Prevent TV Addiction?

Various methods should be used to keep children away from television and, if necessary, television addiction treatment should be applied. In general terms, the things to do are as follows:

  • Television don’t distract the boy is not a tool, it should be kept away from children.
  • The child should not eat in front of the TV.
  • The programs that the child will watch should be chosen by the parents.
  • It must be the time of watching TV.
  • When the programs watched by families are finished, television should be turned off.
  • Apart from television, families need to take time to chat, read or do other activities.
  • Television should not be kept on all day.
  • There should not be a television in the room where the child sleeps.
  • Television should not be the subject of reward or punishment.

What Are the Harms of Watching Television in a Child?

They are revolutionary inventions in the world of television and internet communication. Negative effects of television on children in our article The damages that TV may cause to the child. Television is like a double-edged knife, if useful programs are broadcast, children will benefit from it and be educated. But unfortunately, there are almost no useful TV programs today.

Intelligence Development

The first years of life, especially the ages 2-3, are very important for the mental development of the child. These ages are when children are on a journey to discover new things that they observe and interact with.

Excessive television watching habit negatively affects the child’s intelligence by increasing the connection of neurons in the brain, thus improving the child’s intelligence, preventing children from activities such as playing with friends, establishing social relationships, reading books. Do these for kids’ intelligence development!

Sleep Disorders

Many television programs contain violent elements that cause behavioral disorders in young children. The child, who thinks that the images on the television are real, adopts aggressive attitudes by taking the people he sees as role models.

Images on TV trigger fear and anxiety, can cause sleep disturbances and nightmares in children.

Economic Troubles

Ads attract children, causing a lot of unnecessary items to enter the home, thus negatively affecting the family economy.

Behavioral Disorders

Inappropriate cartoons, TV series, good or bad, right or wrong may cause confusion in the child. The one who uses a gun on TV is the one who kills, the rich, the physically strong, etc. Seeing that people are respected in society, a child may think that this is the right thing and experience a perception error.


Figures that encourage harmful habits such as alcohol and cigarettes are frequently featured in television programs and advertisements. Children who are frequently exposed to such programs may adopt unhealthy habits at a young age by enthusiasm for them.

Obesity is a common problem in developed countries, television is one of the main drivers of the increasing obesity danger among children.
The child’s physical activity decreases while watching TV, he does not spend energy to burn the calories he receives, and Eating habit in front of TV begins to gain weight. If you wish, our previous topic: What are the Harms of Phone and Tablet Addiction in Children? you can take a look.