What Are The Reasons For Children To Behave Like A Baby?

What Are The Reasons For Children To Behave Like A Baby?

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Behaving like a baby in children usually occurs around the age of 5. This is a condition that can last up to the age of 6 on average. Baby

start acting like ; It is a reaction of the child to stressful situations, difficulties, and sudden changes in his life. Child when using this defense mechanism, a regression occurs.

What Are the Most Common Regression Behaviors in Children?

The main regression behaviors seen in children are as follows:

  • To start talking like a baby
  • To start sucking your finger
  • Starting gnawing at the edge of any object or blanket
  • To start soaking the gold
  • Starting to stick on a topic that the answer knows is no
  • Always wanting to be on the lap
  • Starting to cry again every day when parents routinely leave home
  • Becoming attached to mother

How Should a Child Behaving Like a Baby Be Approached?

The things to be done against the child who has started to behave like a baby are as follows:

  • First of all, things that have changed in the child’s life recently should be taken into consideration. It should be determined due to which event the child experiences this regression period. Situations such as starting kindergarten, changing home, having a new sibling can be examples.
  • In this period, a repressive attitude towards the child should not be followed.
  • No extra effort should be made to develop the child mentally. Because in this period child

    Since is closed to this, there is a possibility that the effort expended may backfire.