What are the symptoms of a child with a bad psychology? How to Understand?

What are the symptoms of a child with a bad psychology? How to Understand?

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Having psychological problems and symptoms of a psychologically disordered child It will not be the same in every child. Just as each child has a unique behavior and personality, his attitude towards psychological problems will also be different. But in every child psychological problems causes differences in movements. To reach such an opinion, you have to observe your child for a long time.

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  • Symptoms of a Disabled Child
  • 8 Age Syndrome Symptoms
  • Psychological Problems Encountered in Children

Symptoms of a Disabled Child

As a result of your observations, you should try to correct negative behaviors and if you cannot correct them, you should seek professional help. Generally in children psychology disorder symptoms can be listed as follows;

  • Being constantly tense and irritable
  • Disruption in nutrition and sleep patterns
  • Aggression, hitting, biting and hurting people
  • Increased fondness for mother and father
  • The child becomes quiet, calmed and withdrawn
  • Do not wet the bottom
  • Unnecessary obsessions
  • The effort to make what they want by crying
  • Focus problem
  • Decrease or break of communication with the environment
  • Stuttering
  • Problem with compatibility with its surroundings
  • Don’t lie
Symptoms of a Disabled Child

8 Age Syndrome Symptoms

8 year old depression

The psychological problem, also called or childhood depression, is experienced especially when they cannot find the trust-based, open and honest relationship they expect. But childhood crisis or depression does not occur only at the age of 8. If we examine childhood depression literally, it is actually mental problems experienced in childhood. If you wish, you can check out our forum post on Compliance Behavioral Disorders and Suggestions in Children.

For this reason, childhood depression can be experienced at different ages in childhood. The reason why it is seen frequently in the age of 7-8 is that the relations of children with their surroundings become sensitive during this period and of course they show significant improvements in becoming an individual. Generally, childhood depression symptoms are as follows;

  • Disturbance in sleep and diet
  • Poor appetite
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • No longer enjoying what he loves
  • Don’t cry
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Breaking, throwing or damaging their toys or surrounding items
  • Do not harm people or animals around
8 Age Syndrome

Psychological Problems Encountered in Children

In children

Situations indicating that the psychology is impaired

When begins to be observed in children, you should consult a specialist for the treatment process. If the psychological problems of the child are not treated, the psychological problems that are usually experienced are as follows;

  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Tics
  • Speech impairment
  • Autism
  • Behavior disorder
  • Stuttering
  • Submission
  • Anxiety Disorder