What Are The Ways To Protect Children From Infection? How to Protect?

What Are The Ways To Protect Children From Infection? How to Protect?

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Among the ways to protect children from infection, the best known and absolutely necessary method is vaccination. In this regard, not only the child needs to be vaccinated, but also the mother. A child can also become infected due to a mother who has not been immunized on time.

generally ways to protect children from infection stated below:

  • Get all the necessary vaccinations from the moment your child is born.
  • The child should get enough fluids during the day.
  • Try not to let your child in crowded places.
  • The child should get sleep, sleep regularly.
  • Feed your child good food.
  • Both mother and child should wash their hands frequently. One of the reasons that cause the child to become infected is that the mother does not wash her hand. Mothers should be careful about this.
  • Make sure the child does not get cold, if necessary, wear it thickly.
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What Are Foods That Protect Children From Infection?

In particular, the colder weather increases the likelihood of children becoming infected. Not only the cooling of the weather, but also the increase in epidemics is one of the important causes of infection. In particular, schools are where children are most infected.

For these and other reasons, Foods needed to protect the child from infections should be fed. Foods that protect children from diseases are given below;

  • Nuts, walnut, hazelnut, almond, which contain beneficial oils, are also very high in zinc. 1 handful of these nuts should be given every day.
  • Vitamin C protects children from illnesses and vitamin C is very important in the period after they get sick. It keeps your child vigorous.
  • Foods containing probiotics should be consumed frequently. Probiotics are important for the development of the immune system. Some foods that are important sources of probiotics; yogurt, kefir, pickles.
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Is The Child Weak Immunity If He Has Infections Frequently?

This situation should be explained to a doctor, and the doctor should look into it. It is normal for children to get more infections from us because their immune system is weak. Your child’s constant infection may also be due to a genetic problem. It is not possible to say anything for sure. Frequent infection of the child

Your doctor will make the most accurate diagnosis on .