What is a vegetarian diet and how is it applied? Diet list

What is a vegetarian diet and how is it applied? Diet list

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Vegetarian diet; animal foods is a diet list program that is not consumed. It is a diet that is good for diabetes as well as protects from various diseases. A person on a vegetarian diet should take 2000 calories per day.

Some Important Points About Vegetarian Nutrition

Vegetarian Some nutritional recommendations include:

  • Meals should definitely not be skipped.
  • One type of food should not be consumed, on the contrary, attention should be paid to food diversity. It should be tried when a new flavor is offered.
  • Foods with high nutritional value and also rich in calcium, iron and vitamins should be preferred for snacks.
  • Oil consumption should not be reduced below 20%. This ratio should not be increased with the foods called vegetarian snacks.

2000 Calorie Vegetarian Diet List

2000 calories corresponding vegetarian diet list is as follows:

  • Breakfast: It should be consumed by mixing strawberries and melon in half a glass of skimmed milk. At the same time, 3 slices of a cake made with wheat flour can be eaten.
  • Lunch: 250 milliliters of soup, half a glass of dried beans, 60 grams of cracked wheat, 4 medium carrots can be eaten. In addition, 1 glass of diet milk can be drunk.
  • Evening: Pan vegetable meal should be eaten. You can drink 1 glass of ice tea with it.
  • Snack: 30 grams of seeds, 1 banana or 250 milliliters of light fruit yogurt can be consumed as a snack.