What is Age 3 Syndrome, How Does It Pass?

What is Age 3 Syndrome, How Does It Pass?

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3-year-old syndrome

The situation referred to as is that children start to feel like free individuals and the reflection of these feelings on their behavior. Although not known as 2-year-old syndrome, 3-year-old syndrome gives families more challenging moments than 2-year-old syndrome. Coping with age 3 syndrome

Families working at use various methods to get information by experts. However, the first thing to know is that 3-year-old syndrome is not permanent and will pass in a short time.

3 Age Syndrome Symptoms

3-year-old syndrome findings in children is generally considered the same for every child. Causing different characteristic features in children 3-year-old syndrome symptoms can be listed as follows:

  • There is no time obsession for children entering 3 year old syndrome. However, they only focus on what they want to do. Nothing can be forced on these children.
  • Great change is seen in their speech. Saki learned many words overnight. They start making sentences of 5-6 words.
  • They have great and strong feelings inside. They try to express these feelings.
  • Besides wanting to trust people they know, their inner sense of independence overwhelms them.
  • They constantly ask questions like “Why?” This is because they want to know everything around them.

How to Overcome Age 3 Syndrome?

Passing 3-year-old syndrome

For , it is necessary to understand the reasons why children are tugging or overwhelming their mother. 3 age hitting syndrome and crying crises. What a family with 3-year-old syndrome should do can be listed as follows:

  • Family members should stay calm against children who throw themselves off the ground and have crying crises.
  • These children use various means to gain their independence. In order to avoid any mishaps, family members should allow the children to do some things.
  • For children who persist in dressing, family members need to be patient and allow them to dress as they wish.
  • Children entering the 3-year-old syndrome should sleep well and have a full stomach.
  • Shouting or hitting in the face of children’s impulsive movements will do a lot of harm to the child.

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