What is allergic eczema in babies and how does it pass?

What is allergic eczema in babies and how does it pass?

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Allergic eczema in babies is caused by factors coming from outside. The most common type of eczema in infancy is called atopic dermatitis. Allergic eczema, which is more common in babies of 2-3 months and in babies who start solid food at 4-5 months, is the result of external factors and especially allergens caused by food. Atopic dermatitis, which can heal spontaneously with the growth of children, can reach uncomfortable dimensions due to the excess of elements that trigger allergens.

What is Atopic Dermatitis?

Eczema in babies is called atopic dermatitis. Allergic eczema, the exact causes of which are being investigated by experts, generally arises as a result of the triggering of certain allergens. In general, babies’ scalp, cheeks, arms and legs atopic eczema passes by itself as a result of eliminating allergens and paying attention to factors that will reduce eczema. Children and infants with atopic dermatitis often have food or milk allergies. Although it varies with each child, Foods that cause eczema in babies in general terms; It can be listed as milk, egg, peanut, wheat and sea salt. Although babies do not consume these foods, they take these nutrients into their bodies with milk as a result of their mother’s consumption.

Treatment of Allergic Eczema in Babies

Treatment of baby eczema, your mother Foods that are good for eczema should be consumed and practices that will reduce eczema should be performed regularly for her baby. If the doctor’s advice is followed strictly, it is possible to observe that baby eczema decreases in a short time. Things to do for treatment can be listed as follows:

  • Foods that trigger eczema in babies should not be consumed by the mother. If the baby has switched to solid foods, they should be kept away from foods that trigger eczema. Foods that trigger eczema; eggs, milk, cheese, peanuts, wheat, etc. products.
  • Clothes in fabrics that may cause irritation in babies should not be preferred. Especially all woolen and synthetic products should be kept away from babies and only cotton products should be preferred.
  • Babies’ clothes should be washed with neutral, natural detergents.
  • The house should be constantly ventilated.
  • The house should be cleaned regularly, there should not be any dust in the house. The vacuum cleaner must have a high gravity, and the machine must have a filter.
  • You should not take a continuous bath, the whole body should be dried delicately after bathing and moisturizer should be applied to the body.
  • Sufficient amount of water should be given to the baby. The environment where the baby is should be always cool and the moisture balance should be adjusted.