What is an inguinal hernia in children and how is it treated?

What is an inguinal hernia in children and how is it treated?

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Inguinal hernia in children is the protrusion of an organ inside the abdomen outside the abdomen. A hernia, which creates a soft tissue where it is located, can occur in the groin. Especially in male babies is more common and is corrected by surgery.

Inguinal hernia in children

The answer to the question will pass by itself is no. If an inguinal hernia occurs, it is not possible to pass by itself. A doctor must be treated.

How Does a Hernia Occur in Children?

Testicles of male babies while the mother is in the womb, ovarian eggs of female babies settles in the abdomen close to the kidneys. With the development of the baby, these eggs go down to the groin level over time.

Causes symptoms of inguinal hernia in children

Especially in male babies, during this descent, the testicular egg deviates from its path and squeezes into the sac outside the abdominal membrane called the peritoneum. hernia is formed. In female babies, a sac is formed in the uterus and the ovary remains here. Therefore, downward and hernia occurs.

How to understand inguinal hernia in babies, the answer to the question is; Unusually soft to handle bloating is a sign of hernia. If this swelling in the groin is touched, the baby cries and the swelling has been there for more than 2 weeks. In this case, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Treatment of Inguinal Hernia in Children

Inguinal hernia in children will pass surgically. Surgery must be performed and the doctor’s recommendations must be followed carefully.

Treatment of inguinal hernia in children

What should be considered after inguinal hernia surgery in children?

Your doctor will answer the question , but care should be taken that the child does not tire himself, wear tight trousers, lift heavy and run too much for a while.

How does an inguinal hernia occur?
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