What is Borax? Where and How Is It Used? What Are the Benefits and Losses?

What is Borax? Where and How Is It Used? What Are the Benefits and Losses?

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What is Borax? How to use? Borax is a type of mineral. Borax formula is in the form of a mixture of oxygenated water, sodium and boron elements. It is generally used in cleaning products. It has a whitening effect due to the ingredients it contains. Likewise, it prevents mold growth.

Borax, which is widely used today, is a substance that has harm as well as benefits. It can be quite dangerous as a result of unconscious consumption. It is prohibited to use in some countries. The best known benefit of borax is that it is a superior stain remover. For this reason, it is widely used in the cleaning and chemical industry. In the same way, it can be used for cleaning purposes at home.

As a result of its careful mixing with some materials, its stain removal feature will provide convenience when cleaning at home.

What are Borax Damages?

Borax turns into poison when inhaled. In case of excessive inhalation, it causes damage to the lungs. It is very dangerous for those who are allergic to chemical products. Skin rash causes itching. Presence of stuff in nature harms animals and plants.

What is Borax Used for?

Borax, usually cleaning products and used in the cosmetics industry. Some cosmetic products have a more effective power thanks to the borax in their content. Most cosmetics contain borax to remove dead cells and to prevent bacteria and acne.

Borax is also found in cleaning agents. It was added to the content of the products because of the whitening effect of borax, especially in laundry cleaning.

Borax is used in laundry cleaning by mixing with arabic soap. It is mixed with vinegar and baking soda in carpet cleaning. It is used in toilet cleaning by mixing it with washing soda.

And the places where borax is used outside the home are:

  • In wood protection,
  • In the energy sector,
  • In the detergent industry,
  • In the production of Borcam,
  • In armored military vehicles,
  • In waste cleaning.

Borax is generally available from pharmacies. Borax price and borax pharmacy price is generally available in the same quantities on the market. Borax price: 1 kg borax 13 Tl.