What is Cerebral Palsy, Symptoms, Causes?

What is Cerebral Palsy, Symptoms, Causes?

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Cerebral palsy cerebral palsy

Also known as , it is a disease that occurs when the movement function in the central nervous system is damaged and causes permanent loss of function. In addition to causing a physical disability, there is a 30% probability of mental disability.

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  • What is Cerebral Palsy, Symptoms, Causes?
    • Prenatal Causes of Cerebral Palsy
    • Causes During Birth
    • Postpartum Causes

What is Cerebral Palsy, Symptoms, Causes?

Early diagnosis, although it cannot be completely treated, at least the patient can live in better conditions and in a way that the disease is less affected. Cerebral palsy disease, is a disease found in Turkey thousand at 5 percent. It can occur before, during, and after birth.

Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Prenatal Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy (with CP) prenatal conditions are as follows:

  • The baby is from consanguineous marriage
  • Diseases of the mother during pregnancy
  • Blood incompatibility
  • Placental disorders, due to the lack of oxygen during the time the baby spends in the womb
  • Genetic causes

Causes During Birth

Cerebral palsy (CP) occurring at birth include:

  • Cord entanglement during labor
  • Early or late delivery
  • Insufficient birth conditions
  • Experiencing birth accidents such as dropping the baby during birth, making mistakes in using the vacuum.
  • Abnormal presentation of the baby
  • Mistakes the doctor can make
Postpartum Cerebral palsy cerebral palsy

Postpartum Causes

The occurrence of cerebral palsy after birth are as follows:

  • Baby’s respiratory failure after birth
  • Having meningitis
  • Having a head injury
  • Severe jaundice
  • Excessive fever