What is Colic Pain in Babies and How Does It Pass?

What is Colic Pain in Babies and How Does It Pass?

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Colic pain in babies, is gas pain. This process, which starts when babies are 2-4 weeks old and is a sign that they do not have developmental problems, is 4-6. It can expire between months.

What are the Symptoms of Colic in Babies?

In infants seen colic symptoms; While 47% disappears within three months, 41% is seen for six months and 12% lasts up to 1 year. The main symptoms of colic in babies are:

  • Sudden crying of the baby
  • Baby’s starting to pull her legs towards her belly
  • Flushing on the baby’s face
  • Baby making his hands as a fist
  • Baby throwing his back back while standing still
  • Baby’s making a painful facial expression
  • Baby’s belly being swollen and tight
  • The baby is constantly blowing gas

How Is Colic In Babies?

The things to do to pass colic in babies are as follows:

  • First of all, the doctor’s help should be sought about colic, and therefore the medications given by the doctor are also effective in removing colic.
  • Anise tea is used in the treatment of colic.
  • In addition to the sound of the hair dryer and vacuum cleaner, it is good to take the baby around in the car.