What is Malign Melanoma, Symptoms and Stages?

What is Malign Melanoma, Symptoms and Stages?

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Malignant melanoma

In the structure expressed as ; It is understood as a type of cancer that occurs in the cells that make up the pigment melanin, which is named as melanocyte and gives the skin its color. This type of cancer, which occurs when the melanocyte produces a large number of melanin, can be understood to be in advanced stages when it starts to show symptoms because it progresses slowly. Although malignant melanoma is a rare type of cancer usually seen in children, especially:

  • White skinned persons,
  • People with more than 10 mees,

People with irregular and growing moles should consult a dermatologist and have a mole analysis. Mole analysis is carried out free of charge in public hospitals by dermatologists or private hospitals.

What Are Risk Factors for Malignant Melanoma?

Malignant melanoma risk factors includes:

  • Moles that appear later in the body,
  • Too much exposure to sunlight,
  • Sunbathing for a long time,
  • Genetic reasons,
  • Being a member of the white race,
  • Being a blonde
  • Having white skin constitutes risk factors.

It is especially important for people with these risk factors to have their moles checked every 6 months.

What Are the Symptoms of Malignant Melanoma?

Symptoms of malignant melanoma manifests itself directly. Symptoms are:

  • Growth, shape change, change of color in a moles in the body
  • Irregularity in the edges of the mole,
  • Color changes in me (one side is brown, the other is black),
  • Benin has an asymmetrical structure,
  • Frequent itching of the body,
  • The wound that never heals on me,
  • I have bleeding,
  • Wound on the mole.

Changes that occur on the ego should not be ignored. Mole cancers that have just developed are treated with outpatient examination. Since these types of cancer progress very slowly, moles should be checked frequently and a dermatologist should be consulted immediately in suspicious cases.

What are the Stages of Malignant Melanoma?

Malignant melanoma stages is divided into 4. In the first two stages, the tumor has not spread yet and can be treated in a short time. However, in Stage 3, cancer cells spread, and in Stage 4, spreading occurred in internal organs as well as lymph nodes.