What is MPV? Is Low MPV Elevation Dangerous?

What is MPV? Is Low MPV Elevation Dangerous?

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While MPV, whose real name is “Mean Platelet Volume”, refers to the approximate size of the elements that enable blood to coagulate, it is very important to evaluate the most accurate MPV values ​​together with the platelet, that is, PLT values. While platelets are produced in the bone marrow, it is striking that the newly produced platelets are larger. Controls are made regarding the amount of thrombocyte produced by MPV test and the variability of this amount. Is MPV height dangerous

If asked , the answer to this question can be stated as absolutely yes. Not only high but low MPV values ​​can lead to dangerous situations, while high MPV values ​​can facilitate blood clotting, making it easier to see cardiovascular problems, blood clots in the veins, stroke, embolism and thrombosis.

Causes of MPV Elevation

While high MPV is frequently seen in diabetes and blood poisoning, it can be evaluated that the platelets in the blood are destroyed, especially if the amount of thrombocyte in the blood is decreased in blood poisoning. Apart from this, pregnancy poisoning called preeclampsia, immune thrombocytopenia, some hereditary diseases, blood cancer, high thyroid hormone, b12 deficiency and high MPV can be stated as the causes of bone marrow problems.

Causes of Low MPV

What is MPV low

While means that the total volume and activity of platelets decrease, it can also be characterized as much slower clotting of blood. While the slow clotting of the blood means that a possible bleeding cannot be stopped, it is also possible to experience internal bleeding. Considering the causes of low MPV, it is seen that inflammatory diseases and some cancers cause low MPV, as well as increasing platelet values, chronic kidney failure, blood cancer, chemotherapy drugs, Wiskott Aldrich syndrome are among the causes of low MPV. It can be said that while the death of thrombocytes is a matter of drug use, MPV values ​​are as low as possible.