What is Murmur in Children, What are the Causes? Symptoms

What is Murmur in Children, What are the Causes? Symptoms

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Murmur in babies are different sounds from the normal heartbeat heard when the heart is resting with a stethoscope. In children, the place where the murmur is heard, how much it is heard, where it spreads and its change should be examined and a diagnosis should be made. This murmur can be innocent or it can be a murmur that can cause serious problems. Murmurs that will not cause serious problems are murmurs seen without heart disease. These murmurs that are described as innocent may arise due to anemia or fever. When problems such as anemia and fever disappear, the child’s murmur will improve. Causes of heart murmur in children is listed below;

  • Heart valve stenosis
  • Overgrowth of the heart
  • Structural heart diseases
  • Prolapse Prolapse (Mitral Valve Prolapse)
  • All of the heart valve failure
  • Anemia (Anemia)
  • Causes such as hyperthyroidism (overactivity of the thyroid gland) cause a murmur in the children’s heart.

What Are the Symptoms of Murmur in Children?

Symptoms of murmur in children is listed below. If you suspect these and similar symptoms, take your child to the doctor.

  • If the child is breathing fast without a known illness,
  • Children may have bruising around the mouth and fingers. These are normal. But if these bruises are present on the tongue,
  • If there is palpitations in the heart,
  • A pain, tightness, etc. on the left side of the child’s chest. if he feels
  • If your child is tired easily, tired and weak compared to other children, you should take your child to the doctor before it is too late.

How to Recognize Murmur in Children?

Murmur is usually noticed when the child is brought to the doctor as a result of a febrile illness. Because the murmur is more noticeable when the child has a febrile illness. Even if there is a murmur before the child contracts febrile illness, this may not be noticeable. But when I got febrile illness Recognition of murmur probability is very high.